NZ Fuck Buddy Relationship: 5 Reasons They End

Why Fuck Buddy Arrangements End And How To Avoid It

There are a lot of different types of relationships out there from friendships to serious relationships.

One type of relationship that many people in NZ will get into is the fuck buddy relationship.

Fuck buddies in NZ are usually defined by two people who have some type of friendly relationship and have sex with each other.

Being into adult dating is different than being in other relationships and knowing the rules is important.

However, at some point, all good things have to come to an end but you might be able to avoid it if you really like your relationship.

Here are five reasons a FB relationship ends and how you might be able to avoid it:

1 – Your Fuck Buddy Arrangement Gets Boring

One reason a fuck buddy arrangement might end is because it gets too boring.

Over time, any relationship can become a bit dull in the bedroom, and these relationships are no exception.

However, there are definitely some things that you can do to spruce up the sex such as trying new positions or exploring different types of sex.

2 – Someone Falls in Love And Ends Your Hookups

Another reason that a casual hookup arrangement will fail is because one partner starts to get feelings for another.

In most cases, the relationship is casual, which means there shouldn’t be a commitment. When feelings get involved, this can be very difficult.

So, try to avoid any actions that will cause your partner to start having feelings for you like giving gifts, going on a lot of dates together or getting too personal.

It’s probably best to keep these relationships casual.

3 – One Partner Meets a New Sex Buddy

You also might find that a sex buddy relationship will end because one partner will meet someone new.

Though they might not be interested in a long term relationship with you, they might be interested in someone else.

It can be difficult to avoid this one, but making sure that you are keeping the lines of communication open and being honest with each other can certainly help.

4 – One Partner Wants To Go From Casual To Serious Relationship

A casual dating relationship will also likely end if one partner decides that they want to go from casual to serious relationship.

This is different than simply developing feelings for another person, in this case, the partner will want something more but not with you.

They might not have any prospects out there for a serious relationship, but that won’t matter.

They will still leave because they know they can’t get the relationship with you.

The only way to avoid this is to actually get into a relationship with them, something most people in these relationships won’t be into.

5 – Your Adult Dating Arrangement Runs Its Course

Finally, you will find that adult dating arrangements will end because they simply run their course.

Many times, people will get into these relationships because they are fun and exciting, but over time, they fail to get anything out of them.

Typically, the life span of a FB relationship is only about six months, so once you hit that point, you might simply want to move on from the relationship if things are starting to get stagnant.

Though these relationships are not right for everyone, many people in NZ will really be into these relationships.

There are various reasons that people get into them and for some people, these relationships are exactly what they need at the time they get into them.

For other people, they might try this relationship and find out it’s not for them.

Whatever the case, at some point, these relationships will fizzle out, but if you keep the information above at the back of your mind, you might be able to avoid the breakup.